November Newsletter

Although we are fast approaching the festive season, we also look ahead to some of the exciting retreats in our 2020 programme. One such retreat is one led by Launde Abbey Warden, David Newman, based on his book: Growing up into the Children of God.
During the retreat, we will explore in greater detail some of the themes David covers within the book. What is a mature relationship with God? What in that is God’s part and what is our part? Can we expect too much of God and turn him into a magician or too little and make faith not much more than a human enterprise? We will pick up issues like prayer and providence, pain and suffering and think through what makes for a mature church as well personal faith.
This retreat runs from 14th – 16th February. For more information and to book your place click here.

New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner: December 31st 2019

A fabulous black-tie event to welcome in 2020. Follow a 7 course gala dinner with drinks and dancing into new year. For those who are travelling or who wish to make a night of it, we also offer a dinner, bed and breakfast package.

Still Before Christmas: Let’s Go to Bethlehem – led by Sister Rachel Overton

During these days we will take time to consider the journeys of some of those whom the Gospel tell us travelled to Bethlehem. Alongside those journeys, we will be reflecting upon our own journey to Bethlehem as we move towards Christmas. The retreat will be largely silent, although the amount of silence over meals is dependent on the retreatants’ wishes on arrival.