In All of Life’s Seasons

In All of Life’s Seasons (Joanna Pearson)

Tune: Epiphany Hymn

In all of life’s seasons and down through the ages,
In worship and welcome God’s goodness is known.
We gather to praise him and tell of his wonders,
His work in our lives and the love he has shown.

In meeting the stranger, in sharing communion,
In true hospitality Jesus is found.
In prayer and in quietness, in praise and in singing,
In serving and friendship his blessings abound.

In listening, creating, reflection and resting,
In sharing and silence we learn of God’s grace
Transforming, equipping, inspiring, refreshing,
Surrounding us now as we meet in this place.

In all of our journeys, wherever life takes us,
We pray for a future with Christ at our side,
Hearts that are filled with the love of the Father,
The indwelling Spirit to comfort and guide.

(Optional anniversary verse)
For nine hundred years since Launde Abbey’s foundation
God’s word and his Spirit have shown us the way.
Our hearts full of thankfulness, adding our voices
To past generations, we worship today.

About the composer: Joanna Pearson

Joanna is an artist, poet and Enneagram teacher living in Northamptonshire. She often visits Launde Abbey to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the wide variety of retreats and quiet days on offer.