Listening from the Heart: a contemplative prayer retreat

A retreat with Cathy Davies experiencing contemplative prayer in the light of scripture and the Franciscan tradition. We’ll be hearing stories from the lives of Clare and Francis, reflecting on images of the Umbrian landscape where they lived out their contemplative calling, and enjoying the spaciousness and silence of Launde for ourselves.

Natural prayer

Yesterday I led a day on prayer for thirty-five women. Today I am presiding at a baptism for a 10 month old little girl who goes by the delightful name of Tygr (pronounced tiger.)  I found myself thinking about Tygr when talking to the women about prayer and about Jesus’ saying that only those who […]

Pearls, Parables and Prayer

There is a Moment in each Day that Satan cannot find Nor can his Watch Fiends find it, but the Industrious find This Moment & it multiply, & when it once is found It Renovates every Moment of the Day if rightly placed Milton 35:42-45 by William Blake Lately, one or two parables have been […]

Distraction in prayer

I remember the moment when I realised that most of the ‘noise’ that bothers me, is on the inside, not outside. The occasion was the first time I ever went on an eight day silent retreat. Obedient to the instructions I was given in advance, I had left all that could distract me at home, […]

Prayer – not an easy thing

Prayer – not an easy thing Prayer is difficult; let’s face it. To start is easy; to persevere is hard. I always liken it to what happens after the London Marathon. Immediately after the race you see quite a few more runners out on the streets than usual, all starting to train for the following […]


Launde Abbey Chapel We’re always pleased to welcome visitors into the prayerful and serene medieval Chapel that lies at the heart of the Abbey’s life. The most ancient part of Launde, built as part of the original monastery church early in our 900 years of history, the Chapel bears witness to centuries of worship and […]

Launde Leaves

Launde Leaves Launde Leaves is a journal mailed to Friends of Launde twice a year which is also available to visitors at Launde Abbey. The editors aim to produce a publication that is an informative, stimulating read with a focus on spirituality, personal experience and news about Launde, for Friends near and far. The extracts […]